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Ski patrol , professional mountain rescue gear , backcountry search and rescue equipment for ski patrollers and industry professionalsSki patrol and professional backcountry search and mountain rescue gear
Avalanche rescue beacon headquartersAvalanche rescue beacons and transcievers 457khz
 Ortovox beacons:
3+, S1+, Patroller, Zoom+

 Pieps beacons:
DSP PRO, DSP SPORT, Vector, Freeride

 Aztek pulley haul line kits
Patroller Supply offers industrial fall protection gear, professional mountain rescue gear, search and rescue gear and equipment from Ortovox, Pieps, Pacific Helmets, Kong, Conterra, Voile', Edelrid, Yates Gear, Petzl Work & Rescue, Metolius, Bluewater Rope, Sterling Rope, New England Rope, Rock Exotica, CMI Pulleys, Heightec, SMC and other manufacturers of quality ski patrol rescue equipment. We specialize in OSHA/ANSI/NFPA rope access gear.

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Search here:  Click Search for avalanche and mountain rescue equipment from Conterra, Yates, Kong, Ortivox, Nic-Impex.  Rescue beacons, rope, emergency harness, aid belts, radio harnesses or press the 'Enter' key on the keyboard
 Discount pricing for mountain rescue, ski patrol and rope access professionals
Receive discounted pricing on quality gear if you are a mountain rescue, search and rescue or rope access industry pro.
Volume discounts and discounted shipping on large orders are available for all brand name equipment we supply.
 Rope access gear specialists Patroller Supply has become a specialist in providing the highest quality OSHA/ANSI/NFPA certified rope access gear including static rope, carabiners, full body work harnesses, helmets and hardware. We can solve gear approval puzzles.
Patroller Supply is upfront Email to contact us.  Distributor pricing on Kernmantle, Double Braid,
Static & Dynamic ropes from Blue Water Ropes, Sterling Rope, New England Ropes, Petzl and Pelican.

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